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We are helping clients fill in-demand roles with highly qualified candidates, and the current labor market is more dynamic than ever! I believe keeping up-to-date on new ideas and best practices is the solution for making the right decisions to positively impact your teams and goals.


I hope my front-line insights below will help you with your hiring needs over the next couple of months. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be a resource to you as well.



Sarah Benz

Vice President



5 Trends Reshaping How We Work After COVID-19

The pandemic changed many things about our businesses, and it also changed the attitudes of employees and candidates on a variety of topics. I believe that these 5 trends identified are here to stay, especially #4, on company culture. Employees need to feel comfortable being themselves at work, as well as being safe and respectful when physically in offices, as each person is going to adjust differently to being back in an office.

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Job Candidates Seek Assurances on Workplace Safety, Flexibility

While employees have higher expectations now, so do candidates. The tight labor market is forcing companies to clearly, transparently share information with candidates to help them make an informed decision on whether or not their company is a good place for them. Each person is unique and values different benefits, so companies need to be able to meet job seekers where they are and show how the role/company fits into their life.


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4 HR Talent Strategies for the Postpandemic Labor Market

As described in this article from Gartner, HR leaders have a handful of options to fill open roles with the people who possess the necessary skills to be successful in it. However, the real challenge is to decide which of these strategies is best for your organization and its needs, both short- and long-term. There are many factors to include while deciding this, but you must consider the impact on the business and your people when doing so. The labor market is hot, so they don’t have to stay at a place that doesn’t meet their needs, whether personal or professional.


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