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Kim Killian Onufrock

Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Killian Onufrock is the Chief Strategy Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer at Messina Group. Kim is a third-generation entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Strategy leadership – building, scaling, and accelerating revenue growth for fast-growing companies through strategic GTM programs, brand building, organization development, and strategic initiatives. Her experience building and growing national Sales teams has served companies in a wide range of industry sectors – from Financial Services to Technology to Healthcare. 

Kim co-founded ibex, a health tech startup established in anticipation of the passage of the HIPPA and HCFA regulations. Ibex created the PulseCheck™ data & analytics platform, the first-ever web-based Emergency Department Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and full EDIS. As head of Sales, Marketing, and Strategy, she established the firm’s business foundation and GTM strategy, guiding the company to grow and scale from a napkin idea to a leading national brand with successful exits to Picis and United Healthcare. Kim served on the company’s Board of Directors from inception through its successful acquisition. Kim earned her B.S. in Marketing and Psychology.

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