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I’m Sarah Benz, a recruiting veteran, who specializes in filling Lab and Scientific roles for Mid-Market organizations. Throughout my career I have learned many things, but the biggest takeaway was realizing no two clients are the same, nor are any two candidates.

I wanted to launch this newsletter based on my experiences in this space to help others by sharing my thoughts on recruiting, best practices for hiring, and to discuss the future of finding and retaining top lab and scientific talent.

Hope you find this information valuable and will reach out to me should you have any questions.


Sarah Benz

Vice President




6 Virtual Interview Tips for Recruiters at High-Growth Companies

This piece stood out to me because it illustrates ways to make a virtual recruiting process more structured, from the standpoint of the interviewer. Being intentional on the structure of the interviewer’s day is critical to ensure a positive experience for all involved.

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The Biggest Lie in HR – People Leave Managers, Not Companies

Employees leave poor leaders and organizations that do not provide professional development opportunities to help them grow in their careers. Remember that a poor employee experience may impact your ability to hire for the future based on Glassdoor reviews and ratings, as well as what is shared on social media on what it is like to work there – you need to invest in all your people. Retention is key for an organization to succeed in the long term, focusing on this will help your hiring efforts.


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6 Tips to Keep Your Reputation Fresh Across All Generations

From benefits offered to employees to your company’s narrative, elements of them are woven into the culture of your organization. By doing this effectively, you will attract a diverse candidate pool across different generations. People at different points in their lives value different things, so be sure to appeal to all groups when putting together benefits and telling your organization’s story.


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