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I am enjoying the transition into Spring and hope you are as well!

I wanted to share some information with you that I thought might be beneficial as the economy starts to pick up. If you are looking to add to your staff or simply keep your current employees engaged, it is important to put an emphasis on culture and support. A focus on creating a healthy and happy culture helps with employee well-being and motivation by showing an employer truly cares about its people.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Hope you find the information helpful!


Sarah Benz

Vice President




The Most Personalized Recruiting Process Wins — Here’s Why

Candidates are the prospects and we, the recruiters, are the sellers. If your organization does not create a world-class experience for them that is scalable, then you will consistently lose out on top talent. Show your company values throughout your process and be human, since recruiting is all about people.

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How To Attract Top Talent Now That Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Employees need new benefits and support as companies shift towards a hybrid or fully remote work environment. They care less about the things in the office, and more about the ways the company will add value to them – create a place of belonging, continuously encourage learning and development opportunities, and assist them with more personal items (e.g., pet insurance, grocery delivery service stipend, housecleaning, etc.). These benefits are different from typical benefits, yes, but they make sense in a remote-first world and create a positive employee experience.

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3 Key Hiring Trends To Keep In Mind In 2021

As 2021 continues to drive innovation within companies, recruiters and talent leaders must remember that it is critical to be intentional with your internal and external communication – whether it is discussing benefits, fostering a positive workplace, embracing DEI, revamping your hiring processes, or another topic. Effective communication will get your points across and inspire action, which is necessary as companies compete to hire top talent.

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